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How Plus Size Curvy YouTuber Loey Lane Became A Model Icon

Twenty-five (25) year old southern bell, Loey Lane, began her career as a vlogger on YouTube. The channel’s primarily focus is on beauty, fashion, and clothing hauls. Back in 2013, she uploaded her first video and was able to later garner over 1.4 million subscribers.

Ironically, Lane was trained as a classical singer and went to college to become a nurse. Yet, her popularity gained so much attention, that it launched her a plus-size modeling career. In fact, she grace the cover of of Skorch Magazine's February/March 2015 issue.

However, Loey achieved an iconic standing from her body positivist position. Last year, she used her platform to take a stance against what she called, the "Fat Girl Summer Code". During, her video she made sarcastic remarks against the absurdities often  forced upon full figured women because of their curvy bodies. 

She recapped foolish fashion advice given to her live never wear shorts. In the end, she called it out as b.s and affirmed how what others think doesn't matter.  You can check her video out below:

Lane continues to use her voice to resonated with her viewers and spread a body positivist message. She shared her experience with weight and being bullied. 

She also demonstrated how size has nothing to do with looking beautiful and really helps her subscribers love the body they have. You can find Lane's look books, fashion retailer reviews, makeup hauls, and updates on her life on her Instagram and YouTube channel.

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