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Have You Mastered the Art of Flirting Yet? Don't Worry We have More Tips For Your (PT 2)

I know we did a piece on flirting earlier this month. However, after getting your feedback I thought we should expound upon the subject a little more.

Ladies, your ability to master the art of flirting is extremely significant when it comes to attracting a man.

While many singles believe that the art of flirting is something that must come naturally, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Although, for some flirting does comes naturally, the art of flirting can definitely be mastered by anyone. 

Once you learn the basics of flirting, it's very easy to take those skills to the next level, master them, and make them your own. With that said, the key to mastering the art of flirting is simple, just remember, practice-makes-perfect.  The more you flirt the better you’ll be at it.

1. Now, the first rule to flirting is to do it without expectations.

Put aside what you think should happen or how the man should respond and just flirt. This way you are opening yourself up to different experiences and you’re just having fun. 

You may well end up with a new love or the opportunity to meet a really nice new guys, but the most important thing is not to focus on that.

2. Next you should know that flirting starts with your internal self-development.

In fact, the art of flirting works from the inside out. And what I mean by that is, you don’t need to be the most attractive person in the room (and beauty is a subjective quality anyway). 

You don’t have to be the smartest, most in shape, or even the most outgoing. But you must feel good about yourself. You must have things you like about yourself and recognize your uniqueness.

This is the basis of flirting because it allows you to demonstrate a unique confidence that will shine through when flirting. In fact, to really master the art of flirting you have to possess a silent confidence that others are drawn to.  

Otherwise, your flirting can come across as desperate or ingenuine.  

3. After you’ve built yourself up from within, the next steps to learning the art of flirting is to learn how to communicate non-verbally and through your body language.

Flirting is in the way you exchanged glances, position your body in a chair, walk, and your smiles across a room. 

Have you ever heard, “the eyes are the keys to the soul”? Then you should use yours as a starting point when flirting. Men are often drawn to the women who they believe are attracted to them.

You can convey your interest at many levels through the various ways look you give, through a gaze at them, and even a smile.  In fact, the art of flirting is knowing how to incorporate many different types of eye contact to communicate your attraction and interest.

So what should you do when you are in a public setting and you decide you want to catch the eye of a man?

It's simple... Meet his gaze (or eye contact) and hold it for a few seconds. Then let it go and follow it up quickly by meeting it again. 

This  will definitely signal to that man that you are interested in in him. And you will be able to tell if he’s interested by whether or not the he walks over to you and starts a conversation. If he doesn’t approach you it doesn’t mean he didn't find you attractive, it more than likely means he’s in a happily committed relationship. And we have to respect that, right. 

However, remember what we said early, you’re just flirting to have fun. Don’t expect every man to fall at your feet. Sometimes it's nice to just send a guy a sexy flirtatious glaze, watch as he receives it and smile, and then look away.

4. More aggressive flirting 

More aggressive flirting is done through projecting a more intense flirtatious look. You may want to repeat affirmations in your head such as, “I am thinking dirty things about you”.

Ginie Polo Sayles says in her book, The Seduction Mystique, that you should affirm in your head, “Men are wonder, I am wonderful, Sex is wonderful”. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re obligated to have sex.

It’s more about the vibration you’re sending than it is the words. Aggressive flirting is done with a more longer lingering gaze, sometimes with an up-and-down-the-body glance, and/or a lingering  stare, which suggests that you are very interested.

5. More about body language 

As we stated previously, in addition to eye contact, the art of flirting also includes your body language. 

It’s very difficult to flirt looking bored and disinterested. Therefore, you should always appear happy, engaged with what’s happening around you, and fascinated by it. Positioning your body in such a manner that shows you are open to communication is crucial to the art of flirting. 

6. What happens when flirting goes wrong

Once you start using the art of flirting, you will immediately begin to notice it's power and sometimes you will attract men of whom you have no interest.

Make sure you are respectful and classy at all times even when turning some men down. Remember while you may not desire these men, the men you do desire are watching. 

You don’t want to send the wrong message by trashing the other guys. If they see you trashing these guys and being rude, they may become too frighten to approach you. 

Also, once the right man approaches you, always keep your mind on the conversation at hand and never force him into a date with him. Flirting is about confidence and having fun. You don't want to appear desperate for dates.

7. Flirt through touching

In addition, body language and eye contact, flirting is about touching. Now touching can be a lovely flirty action, but it should be done cautiously. It should be light and playful. You should never be too aggressive or too sexual in your touching. It will definitely send the wrong messages.

Touching a man while talking to him or laughing at his jokes is a big part of flirting, 

However, make sure it’s  appropriate and invited. Do not ever put your hands on a man without it being unsolicited or if he’s sending the message that’s he not interested. Remember rejection doesn’t always have to do with whether he finds you physically attractive. Again, he could be unavailable or happily in a committed relationship. 

Whatever his reason, if he’s objecting your encounter, and you persist it can make things horrifyingly awkward.  So before touching, always test his personal space by moving closer and noticing his reaction. Touching should be confined to resting a hand playfully just above his arms, chest, knee, leg, or simply leaning in against him while talking or laughing. 

8. Don’t forget the compliments 

Lastly, to put the icing on the cake-don’t forget the compliments and it can be done in a playfully and good spirited way. However, when you compliment a man make certain that it is a genuine compliment. 

There’s nothing worse than someone giving out a load of overblown lines. Everyone has something great about them, notice that and compliment him genuinely with a smile or a wink, whichever you prefer.

The art of flirting consists of a combination of things. Whatever you do respect yourself at all times.

Men always fall for women who are confident, classy, and know how to enjoy life, but are a little bit out of reach. So never resort to hovering, groveling, and/or desperate acts to get a mans attention.

If you're sending all the right signals and he doesn't meet you half way, move on. It just means he's unavailable for whatever reason. But there's someone waiting on you and will be excited to make his moves.

Therefore, think of yourself as special and know that you deserve the very best.

Demonstrate your confidence and own your self-worth at all times. This will not only make flirting enjoyable and fun, but allow your sex appeal to shine through.

Please feel free to chime in by leaving your comments below

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