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Did You Know Sports Bras Can Help Your Breast Remain Tight & Firm?

For all my Curvy divas, we understand how important having a good bra when flaunting your curves and showing off your perfect shape. Especially, if you’re active or live to work-out. Wearing a loose fitting bra, makes it so much more difficult to be fashionable and slay the moment. It also doesn’t provide much support.

The way our breast is constructed, we have two anatomical supports for our breast. The first support, Cooper's Ligaments, helps our breast to maintain its normal shape and contour. However, without proper support, when the breast becomes heavy, it causes sagging. The second support is the skin, which can easily be stretched through constant loading. The result is what every woman dreads - sagging breasts.

Since our breasts doesn't contain any intrinsic structural support,the motion can caused damage and make our life painful. And if you’ve been blessed with larger breasted, research has shown that breasts that are not properly supported can cause back and neck problems.

Therefore, sports bras are all the more necessary. Sports bras help to reduce breast movement, which limits not only the breast pain but also the irreversible stretch of your skin and Cooper's Ligaments.

Studies have further shown that sports bras reduced breast pain and vertical movement by as much as 50% when compared to bare breasted exercise. Other types of bras too, reduced pain and vertical movement but not as much as sports bras.

Sports bras are designed to be durable than your regular bras. For that reason, it offers greater support not only your breast, but entire chest area. The fabric (typically made from absorbent and stretchable fabric), soaks up your perspiration away from the skin, thus reducing irritation.

A good sports bra has full cups coverage that prevents movement of the breasts in any direction. They also should have wide, non-elastic straps and covered fasteners, to prevent rubbing against your skin and any part of the body to prevent damage. You can easily find a wide range of great sports bras online. They're designed to suit every size and come in all fashions and colors.

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