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5 Dating Mistakes That Are Preventing You from Getting Mr. Right

Most of the dating mistakes we make as women stems from the lies that we’ve been duped into believing. We have been deceived ladies,  into thinking that tricks and games will have men begging for our attention and finally man land him down the aisle. While those tricks and games may work for some, do you really want a relationship built on fallacies and misleading intentions. And are you willing to keep that crap up to keep him around. The answer is more than likely, "no".

The sad part about all of this is that often times when those tricks and games doesn’t seem to work, we blame ourselves and believe there’s something wrong with us. When the truth is that type of advice is simply based upon fallacies and the chances of it actually working were slim.

​Here are 5 dating mistakes that are preventing you from getting your Mr. Right.  

1. You don’t own your SHIT!

Attraction is subjective ladies. Stop believing that you must become a Hollywood version of beautiful to get the man of your dreams. The truth is many of those people don’t look like that in real life any way. Have you ever met your favorite celebrity? You might have discovered that they don’t look quite as they appeared to on television and magazines. And guess what? That didn’t make you like them any less. 

We all have flaws. So the lesson here is that you must authentically own who you are and confidently love yourself. That's what men love about us. That makes you more attractive to men than changing yourself. So don't ever doubt your awesomeness again.

 2. You’re don’t have a life.

If you don’t have a life, decide today that you will get one. Running into Mr. Right can be so much easier when you are out living your life. Get out the house and take a class, work on your dreams, gain a hobby, travel to a new place, and don't forget to go everywhere the men are!

When you don’t have a life of your own, you become too needy. You can be easily distracted on your path towards genuine love and this makes you more susceptible for Mr. Wrong because you have too much time on your hands. Boredom can produce desperation. Ever heard the saying and idol mind is the devil's playground.  

There’s nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who has her own agenda. While for some Mr. Right will come knocking on the door, but in most cases he is out living his life. You will never find him hidden in doors, you must get out and dance.

3. You act like you don’t like him when you do. 

The worst advice I've ever heard was given to a young lady in which she was told to pretend to be uninterested. No one wants someone who doesn’t want them. That’s the worst feeling in the world.

You want a man who shows he’s like you and wants to spend time with you, so why wouldn’t Mr. Right desire the same things. While you probably shouldn’t go to the opposite extremes acting obsessed, pretending to be indifferent can make Mr. Right loose interest in you as well.

4. You’re too cynical about love and being in a relationship.

Let me let you in on a little secret just about everyone who has been in love, has been hurt, rejected, and disappointed. A part of relationships is that sometimes, some of them just doesn’t work out. But that’s not a reason to loose heart and give up. It just means you learn from those experiences and grow. It’s all a part of life!

While we’ve all seen the movie of how a bitter woman or man is able to capture the heart of another and it blossoms into love ever after. In real life, it’s extremely rare for a healthy relationship to grow into something beautiful with such a rocky start of hurt and bitterness.

So don’t fall into the trap of attaching those hurt and anger towards others. Take time to forgive and heal internally. Nothing sends men red flags and causes them to get the heck out of dodge like an angry woman. If you don’t believe love exist, you can’t have it. That’s the law of attraction.

5. You’re looking to transform Mr. Wrong into Mr. Right.

You can’t make anyone be something they don’t have the desire to become. If a man doesn’t want to settle down, commit, or be the man of your dreams, that’s not a statement about you. It doesn’t mean you’re not worth it. His actions only speak to where he is in his life.

Sometimes, you have two great people that’s just aren’t compatible and well-suited for each other. Learn to be okay with that. You are perfect just the way you are, so stop wasting your time and move on. Don’t settle for Mr. Wrong when Mr. Right is waiting on you. Believe or not he’s out there praying that he will meet you.

Leave your thoughts below and share with us some of the mistakes you’ve believe women make. Who knows your advice just might help an awesome woman get her Mr. Right. If you’re interested in meeting quality singles sign up

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