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3 Things You Should Never Say On The First Date

Nothing can be more nerve-wracking than the prospect of a first date. After the numerous conversations, exchanging texts messages, and finally passing the pre-date coffee meet-and-greet, finally a first date at a great restaurant is locked and loaded.

But great first dates go beyond wearing the right outfit or scoring a memorable reservation (plus points for choosing her favorite restaurant – a guy who does his research is always impressive), it pays to be aware of the deal-breaking words that can and will end a relationship in the bud even before dessert gets served.

What should you not say on a first date? Listen up, guys:

1. Name dropping to impress you date

Why it sucks: You’re already on a date. No need to impress the by name dropping to get her attention. Name dropping is similar to bragging. It also makes you appear to be a bad conversationalist who is so boring you have to rely on other people to start and establish a connection. Worse, what if they do not know the person to start with? Spell awkward in all caps.

What to do instead: Focus on your date and what made them ask you out on the date after all. Start off with interests. Does he love sports? Talk about that your favorite team and why their set to win. Does your date love food? Tell them about your favorite bakeshop or pastry chef you’ve always wanted to try or meet. Does she love pets? Let her talk about the activities and events she does in line with her passion for animals. Then, let it flow from there. Remember, authentic is always sexy.

2. Sex after the date, maybe?

Why it sucks: Moving too fast can ultimately make the person loose some respect. You wouldn’t give someone you barely know access to you bank accounts or home, so use the same precaution.  

What to do instead: We get it, he’s good-looking and attractive, but getting too frisky messes everything up. Let the course of the date happen as it should. It shouldn’t lead to the bedroom on the first date. If it leads further to a second date, even better. Never ask for or about sex on your first date.

3. Anything about your ex. 

Why it sucks: Why go on a date if you are still caught up with your past? It makes the other person feel like a third wheel. Your date will feel awkward and like he was led into a corner with nowhere to go. There is no good coming out of talking about exes.

What to do instead: Make your date feel like the VIP they are by being the perfect lady. Give him your attention and keep the past where it belongs.

Share your dating tips for things Not to say on the first date.

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