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What Size Is Too Small For Plus Size? Plus Size Brand Boohoo Under Fire Again!

Yes, fashion brands are evolving. In fact, the curvy community has been able to make strides of empowerment. More brands are becoming inclusive to their full-figured customers. They are even demonstrating these efforts with their model selections. So perhaps that might explain why Boohoo is back in the hot seat, yet again. Their customers are in an uproar and feel they may have exaggerated a model’s size. On May 10, their website posted a gorgeous model wearing clothing from the Gemma Collins collection.

The site claimed the model's size was 16 and above. Well it appears the consumers weren’t buying it. Literally! Many of them took to social media saying:

This isn’t the first time, Boohoo has been called out. In 2016 and 2017, Boohoo faced a similar issue on social media. So the question remains, are these women in fact too small to be considered curvy girls?

Or do we as a society have to come to the realization that curves come in different shapes and sizes? Some research affirms that many fashion brands consider sizes 8 and above as full figured. Brands should make every effort to represent the diversity of full figure women. However, they need to make sure they are forthcoming and accurate about the model’s sizes.

Despite Boohoo’s repeated offense, they have found their way back into good graces. Customers seem to be ecstatic about the Gemma Collins collection, fitting sizes 16-24. It should be also noted that the Gemma Collins promotional materials do an excellent representation at embodying the curvier plus size divas.

Let's hear from you! Comment below and tell us your thoughts. Is the model too small to be considered plus size? What do you think about a size 8 being regarded full-figured?

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