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5 Subtle Ways to Freshen Up Your Look in Five Minutes or Less

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, looking like a million bucks can seem like a challenge. Not just in terms of money, but in time as well.

But with the right tools and techniques, looking refresh is easy in as fast as five minutes anytime! Here are the ways to make it happen:

1.      Change your hair part.

Rushing to a meeting but your hair is looking blah? Changing your hair part is a quick way to update your look and add volume to your hair.

Have a small bottle of hair spray (oils, water, or mousse) at your area to scrunch up and give your it some tousled waves for those blessed with curls. While stick, straight hair can benefit from some sea salt spray for more body.

2.      Go glossy.

Although matte and semi-matte lipsticks are all the rage, they can really dry your lips and make it look even worse when it’s chapped. This can make a dull complexion look even more flat and lifeless. Instead, embrace the gloss. Swipe a layer of lip balm and then a lipstick with moisturizing consistency.

It makes you look dewy and put together – if it’s the office you are off to, then go for office-appropriate shades such as corals and browns, for a night out, go for deeper reds or plums.

3.      Moisturize!

Sometimes, all you need is a dose of moisture from the inside and out. Dry skin becomes a common problem when you hit your 30s. Also, all those hours inside an air conditioned or heated room can render anyone looking haggard.
Drink up some water, at least two glasses, to offset all that caffeine and flush out the salt. And then, spray some dew mist on to your face, at least a few inches away, to give a layer of moisture onto the surface of your face.

4.      Have some tissue or wipes handy

The worst thing you can do in a jiffy is adding a layer of makeup on top of your makeup since your morning coffee. Instead, grab some blotting paper and focus on your T zone or any area where you feel oil buildup.

Afterwards, you can either spray some water mist to freshen you up or at best, put a little more blush as usually, this is the one that is absorbed by the skin and disappears from the face. Do so in an upward motion and make sure not to have a heavy hand when doing so as it would be hard to correct makeup application when in a rush.

5.      Put on some earrings or one statement accessory.

All it takes is a piece of resistance to make everything great!

Whether it’s a pair of pearls in yellow gold if you are wearing a navy-blue pantsuit or an all black ensemble or a cascade of semi precious stones to make an impression quick, well-planned and well-made accessories are your best bet in making sure you get the upgrade you need – more or less in five minutes.

When you’re in a hurry, you can do any of these 5 things above and you’ll look refresh in 5 minutes or less.

You can also follow these steps: apply your moisturizer, your sunblock and your pressed powder. Lightly apply a natural brown, pink, bronze, or peachy pink blush on the apple of your cheeks.

These colors tend to look natural on any skin tone. Then apply a lipstick that looks two shades darker than the color of your lips.

Each make-up item you use only takes 1 minute to apply. Invest on these make-up basics and you’ll save a lot of time preparing yourself for a great day!

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