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3 Tips That Will Ensure You Always Look & Feel Curvaceous

When it comes to dressing, it can be really challenging for us curvaceous goddesses. In general, while the fashion world is evolving, its still geared towards smaller sized women. In reality, size 12 and above is the standard size of women all over.

Despite this challenge, there are in fact ways to dress up as a plus woman to ensure you always look fabulous. With the right mindset, attitude, and these tips, nailing that perfect wardrobe is as easy as five minutes of dressing in the morning!

1. Choose fabrics that fall easily.

Choosing the right silhouette is one thing, but choosing the right fabric to give justice to the silhouette is what dressing dreams are made of. Fabrics like jersey and rayon are great because they naturally fall from the body, concealing what needs to be kept but highlighting the right spots based on the cut and style of the clothing item. On the other hand, fabrics like cotton or Lycra can cling and may simply highlight problem areas such as the tummy area or the shoulders.

Your best bet when shopping is by checking if the fabric stays pristine even without ironing -- then that’s a good choice, plus perfect for traveling, too!

2. Dress for your size.

Finding your exact size for all your clothing materials, both for inners and actual clothes, do wonders for your overall look. It does not give you any favors to dress one size smaller in the hopes that it will make you look smaller, in fact, the opposite is achieved. Dressing one or two sizes bigger is also doing more harm than good by making you look frumpy. Instead, embrace your curves!

Try every piece of clothing on and make sure you are focusing on your body’s strengths. Your curves would do well in pieces such as wrap dresses for work, caftans for leisure, and some perfectly fitted jeans during your downtime or weekends with girlfriends or family.

And then accessorize. Solid colored pieces can be accentuated with a really amazingly arresting necklace in semi-precious stones and even with diamonds or pearls. While prints on the other hand can benefit from simple pieces of jewelry such as gold studs. Accessorizing will help draw attention to your face, instead of your body.

3. Buy the correct underwear.

No matter how great your look is, if the foundation is wrong – everything falls apart. Go to a lingerie expert for example to find your size from your bras to your shapewear. The last thing you want is some roll of flab from your back. Most of the time, the problems that full-figured women face are not because of their body type but because of the kind of pieces of underwear they deploy with every outfit they can come up with.

Start with a set of bras and panties that are geared towards the kind of clothes and the right size you need to get things going and then from there, you can go out and shop for the pieces of clothes that you need.

Looking great is possible for every body type and age. The key to dressing for full-figured women is finding the right fit and accentuating the right places. Tap into a newfound confidence through dressing.

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