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Elements of Effective Power Dressing For The Curvy Goddess

When it comes to power dressing, it takes more than just a full stocked wardrobe to really create an impact. In essence, power dressing really is more than just wearing clothes but trying to create an image that sends the message that you are someone who takes their profession seriously, knows the value of time and presence, and has a high level of regard for themselves.

With this in mind, when shopping, do not just aimlessly go for the expensive items or get too many items to make a point. Instead, here are some quick tips to create the kind of wardrobe that will help you power dress everyday with ease:

1. Invest in important pieces of jewelry.

What’s the first thing you notice in a person who is impeccably dressed? Probably not their jewelry at
first and that’s by design. Power dressers know and understand the real impact that understated but elegant pieces can make. Also, they do not pile it on, but instead, choose the few pieces that can help their overall look. Instead of buying several cheap knockoffs, go for the real thing. Have a great watch or two, one in solid gold or white gold for formal affairs and one mid-range in price for your regular days. This goes as well for women and their pieces.

 Have one set of jewelry from a reputable jeweler that you can have designed based on your specs. These will serve you well for any
occasion. If you work in a conservative industry, a diamond stud or pearl earrings will be great for work. For those in creative offices, birthstones and drop earrings would also be appropriate as long as you don’t pile on other accessories.

2. Have everything tailored to your body.

Although shopping for pieces is easy nowadays, nothing beats clothes that are tailored to your body Have a core wardrobe consisting of pants, some skirts, polo in several solid colors (navy, black, white, beige, blue, and a shocking color such as orange or pink for whimsical days), and some blouses.

This ensures that everything you wear every day falls exactly as it should—no wrinkles where there shouldn’t be and you are able to move accordingly because there is no fear that it will look bad in the long run. These pieces are the kind that can take you from day to night by just interchanging some items or adding some pieces of jewelry. This is especially applicable for hard-to-buy items such as coats and blazers, which are dependent mostly on how they fit on the shoulders and the arms.

3. Mind the shoes.
No matter how great the whole outfit is, the wrong pair will always destroy it. Always have the essentials on hand when it comes to shoes.

Always have at least two pairs for every important occasion that falls under: meeting with the board (work), meeting the soulmate (after office drinks), and meeting with peers (industry events). This should include a pair of pumps, an open toed pair of sandals, a pair of loafers or ballet flats, and sneakers as well for the weekend. 

Having these on hand and in solid colors makes power dressing easier and faster every day.

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