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5 Ways to Rock Your Red Lipstick

If there’s one lipstick color that won’t go out of style or season, it’s the color red. Nothing says sexy, sophisticated, and powerful more than pure red lips.  A Manchester University study also revealed that red lips received prolonged gaze from men.

However, red can be an intimidating color to wear, especially for women who don’t wear lipstick or makeup everyday. 

Here are 5 ways to pull off and rock your red lipstick without ever looking overdone or tacky:

1. With your white top and jeans.

Red goes well with white. If you have just started wearing red lipstick, white is the safest color to pair red with. You can wear white shirt, t-shirt, or tank tops with red lips during the day. 

Neutral colors like white or beige don’t demand for attention like red does, so you can never go wrong with them. It’s all about achieving balance. Wear red lipstick if you want to draw attention to only one part of your body—your lips.

2. Black dress.

The classic black dress can quickly look boring and drab if you don’t pair it with the right accessories. In this case, one of the best accessories is your red lips. A black dress paired with your red lipstick creates a sensual and elegant look. 

This ensemble is perfect for cocktail parties or evening affairs. For night beach parties, a black jumpsuit or flowing maxi dress would go well with red lips.

3. Dainty floral dress.

If you want to your dainty floral dress to look womanly instead of girly, you can upgrade it by wearing red lipstick. Think dresses with small floral prints that can be in pastel or bright colors. 

Avoid dresses with large floral designs as these compete for attention with your red lips.

4. Metallic outfit.

For festive parties, a shimmery gold or silver dress can be paired with red lips. A classic matte or creamy red lipstick creates a glamorous look for dance parties.

Avoid glossy red lipstick as this might look overdone when paired with metallic tops or dresses.

5. Bare face.

Don’t have time to do your makeup? The quickest way to prepare for an impromptu special event or evening date is by putting on red lipstick. You don’t need to use eye makeup or blush.

All you need is your moisturizer or your foundation to create a clean, flawless look. Then brighten up your face with your red lipstick.

If you’ve never used red lipstick before and you don’t feel brave enough to pull off red lips, you can start with toned-down red shades like red brown or brick red.  If you have a yellow skin tone, yellow-toned reds or those that have an orange base would work well for your skin tone. For fair skin with pink undertones, red lipsticks with a blue undertone would suit you.

The most important thing to remember when you wear your red lipstick is to feel confident about yourself. No matter how great your red lipstick looks on you, you won’t get the classic and beautiful look you’re aiming for without inner confidence.

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