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A Curvaceous Goddess Guide To Building The Ultimate Summer Wardrobe

When it comes to building the right wardrobe for the summer, it’s all about putting together a collection that’s not just all about the season, but what can outlast it.

Summer is just a short while, but spending on these pieces is forever – it has to be runaway classics without risking suffering from a heatstroke.

Here the top tips on building the summer wardrobe of your dreams:

1. Invest in separates

Instead of the usual full dress, invest in separates. It is better to have solid colored tops in cream, white, baby blue, and other pastel colors and then purchase some printed skirts or cropped pants. Tops are easier to dress up (with coats and blazers) and down (with cardigans or shawls) while printed bottoms are easy to pair with any blouse whether during summer or during the colder months.

Do not just limit yourself with flowers and foliage prints – there is more to summer than just plants! 

There are geometric prints as well that work great with a myriad of clothing pieces, including accessories such as belts. In terms of prints, you can also opt for pieces that incorporate a focal print – wherein the rest of the pants or skirt is one solid color such as white or black and then there is an element that encapsulates the whole look of the piece.

The key here is to think: how can I get more mileage from my pieces? And then buy accordingly.

2. Mind the quality

During summer, it’s easy to shop based on the thinness of material. Do not do this!

Always invest in quality and opt instead for breathable fabrics such as natural cotton (man-made cotton traps heat) and fabrics that feel cooler to the skin, such as silk especially as you tuck in at night.

3. Flaunt those curves

What’s summer without the swimming gear? When it comes to shopping for bathing suits, proportion should be the priority. If you are top heavy, have pieces that accentuate your decolletage without showing so much skin by buying tankinis or even a one-piece suit with a V neckline.

If you are bottom heavy, stop covering up with long shorts. Instead, reveal your amazing hips with brightly colored and well-designed bikinis. Pair it with a darker colored rash guard, and you are all set for the beach.

4. Use accessories smartly

During the summer, it’s all about the process of elimination. Stop piling the accessories and instead choose one or two at a time when dressing up. For example, if you usually wear a watch and several expensive diamonds just choose one piece that you know will make your outfit standout.

Accessories in the summer can make it look a bit on the formal side so make sure you accentuate more than anything else. And this includes not just the usual pieces such as necklaces or bracelets but also bags and shoes.

If you are shopping for your summer wardrobe now, start with these 5 pieces: a plain white t-shirt, khakis or pastel-colored pants, a floral or geometric dress, a bathing suit that fits you well, plus sandals to show off your pedicured toes.

Once you have these basics in mind, winning in fashion during the summer is easy!

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