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4 Skincare Secrets for the Thirty and Thriving

Committing to a good skincare  reginme should be a requirement for all women, but even more so for those of us in our 30’s. 

A this age, the skin takes longer to recover  and if your not careful the mistakes of the past will start to catch up with you. Therefore, the need for maintenance is importance. If your 20’s was all about building good habits, your 30’s is all about taking those practices to a higher level to ensure healthy and beautiful skin for the years to come.

Here are some tips for a healthy glowing skin in your 30’s and beyond:

1. Practice the art of deduction.

When it comes to skincare in your 30’s, it’s all about removing what doesn’t work and taking on products that really get the job done.

Begin by working with a certified dermatologist to assess the current skin type you have. From there, the dermatologist can provide the right list of products geared towards specific problems as well as the products that you should continue using from skincare to cosmetics. And then, no matter how much you love testing products, try to avoid experimenting on new items based on marketing claims. 

Maintaining a certain group of products day in and out does not just guarantee their effectiveness, but also your skin’s integrity.

2. Use professional tools.

Aside from speaking to a true skin expert, help yourself further by purchasing the right makeup tools for application every day starting with a set of makeup brushes. The constant tugging using your fingers especially around the eye area can make your wrinkles be even more pronounced or worsen as you keep on doing it. Also, the transfer of germs from double dipping on your cream makeup can really make everything even worse. This may even be the reason why you still suffer from adult acne.

More so, throw out old makeup. Those cream shadows and pencils that you have been saving for years will not do you good and will just lead to nasty infections. Throw away mascaras 6 months after opening. Powder-based foundation and blushes usually last up to 2 years. Lipsticks should be discarded a year from opening.

3. Invest in silk sheets for your pillows.

Want to prevent wrinkles from appearing? Time to invest in silk sheets for your pillows as this ensures you do not have lines when you happen to sleep on the side. Silk also does not absorb moisture as much as polyester, which prevents transfer of oil and bacteria back to your face. However, it is still advisable to change the cover every three to four days at the latest.

4. Double cleansing is the secret to youthful skin.

You may have gotten out of your 20’s simply doing one step to remove makeup and cleanse with the use of a washcloth, makeup wipes, or a facial cleanser, but not for your 30’s. To keep it healthy and free from blemishes and lines, you have to incorporate pre-cleansing into your routine. Prior to using your cleanser, have a cleansing oil at hand. 

About three pumps are okay to work the whole face. Starting from your jaw line, work your way up and massage your face. This melts oil, removes grime, and gets rid of deep seated makeup and dirt that may have settled on your pores, which leads to comedones due to clogging. 

You may feel it as well on your hands as you go about the process. After cleansing at night, apply your moisturizer. During daytime, apply your sunblock on top of your moisturizer after cleansing even when you are just staying indoors. If you will be doing outdoor activities, re-apply your sunscreen every 2 hours. Protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun prevents sun spots, wrinkles, and skin cancer.

Dermatologists recommend skipping the toner in your 30’s, especially if you have dry skin. If you have oily skin and you’d like to use a toner, choose the alcohol-free variant.

Along with sticking to a skincare routine, exercise for at least 150 minutes a week as recommended by the Department of Health and Human Services. Exercising promotes blood circulation, which makes your skin glow. Eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins C, E, and omega-3 fatty acids, which help repair the skin and prevent premature aging. 

The secret to great skin in your 30’s is not just the quality of products you apply to your skin, but also what you do for your skin and your health on a daily basis.

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