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Science Says A Great Sense of Humor Makes You So Much More Attractive

Several researchers attested that having a great sense of humor is ranked among the top three requirements with regard to the levels of attraction.

In fact, according to Time, a study was completed via  Mating Intelligence Unleashed: The Role of the Mind in Sex, Dating, and Love with a sample of 400 university students. The study found that while women, prefer men who made them laugh, men were attracted to the women who laugh at their jokes.

Even in cases where the person wasn’t really that attractive physically, but with a great sense of humor, the opposite sex was drawn to them. Why? Well per survey results, they feel more at ease with these types of people. Making them laugh allows them to relax and be open.

For men, a woman with a great sense of humor has so much spunk. She is always cheerful and moving through life hopeful. Men feel like they can count on these women to see each day as sunny. Should dark clouds appear, they can depend on her for laughter and confidence that all problems will pass. Instead of being discouraging and critical.

In addition, she’s not afraid to laugh at herself. and at the situations around you. Many women are not able to enjoy and laugh at themselves because they are insecure and have personal fears. Often, they are scared to look silly, foolish in front of others, or give off the wrong impression.

Yet, according to psychiatrists, it’s essential to become know that everyone makes mistakes and a good laugh can help others to see that such mistakes only shows others you’re human.

The study also revealed that both men and women believed that someone with a great sense of humor, is highly intelligent.

Clever indeed! It takes wits to think fast and produce a joke that is suitable for the situation at hand.

As we’ve heard, “laughter is the best medicine” and can be very beneficial to one’s health. In fact, a considerable amount of research studies has also proven that laughter and humor benefits the body as well as your emotions in many ways.

Laughter is known to boost the “immune system”, reduces stress, relax the muscles, “lowers blood pressure”, increases pain tolerance and hastens the process of healing.

No wonder we prefer being among those of whom we can have a great amount of laughter with. Having a great sense of humor adds so much zest to your life. 

So don’t forget to show up with a more carefree, positive, and cheerful side of yourself loaded with lots of laughs.

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