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Curvy Plus Model Tess Holiday Says To Heck With Beauty Standards And Gets Backlash On Instagram For It

Tess Holliday sent Instagram in an upheaval when she posted a photograph of her body positivity campaign she's promoting with ModCloth. In an effort to encourage beauty diversity, ModCloth endorsed a body positivity movement representing gorgeousness women of all shapes and sizes.

Mrs. Holliday looked absolutely Fabulous Darling! People magazine praised the 31 year old, model and mother, as confident and sexy. Many of her fans and followers felt the same way as they celebrated her with much love.

However, the promotion became quite contentious. It seemed a few followers took issue with Tess's stance and sought to debate her views on refuting beauty standards. 

In fact, many didn’t take kindly to her post with the above portrait, as Holliday wrote:

“New @modcloth swimwear campaign #effyourbeautystandards #girlsupportgirls

The pessimists also left hateful commentary in her comments sections. Judging Tess and even going as far to exchange dialogue about the probability of her life expectancy.

I mean my goodness why on earth would someone attack another for wanting to provide others with a healthy dose of body positivity. She was merely working to bring about good in the world.

Whatever happened to if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to your d*** self.
On a fashion note…Tess essentially is wearing MothCloth swimwear during the shoot. She mentioned in her interview with People that ModCloth’s clothing always fits so nice, really helped her to feel poised, and confident during their photo shoot.  If you would like to check them out, click here.

She looks gorgeous.  Love the hairYou Better Werk It Goddess!

You can also check out Tess Holliday's Instagram here

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