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The other day I had the pleasure of speaking with a young woman currently living in Jeddah. We got to chatting about how we as women internationally deal with obstacles and have overcome failure. That woman shared her story of how she turned her own cooking failures into a  successful baking business.

If you’ve lived for any amount of time on this earth, you know that obstacles, failure, and being told “no” is inevitable. But it's what you do with those encounters, that will determine your fate. We've all have experience that pain. Whether it was in a career, relationship, or just life issues, you’re not alone there’s a story of failure.

As the young woman and I were speaking, we both agreed that no one really prepares you for that moment. We’re taught to make the right decisions, avoid mistakes, and to win. But never what to do in the face of failure. Perhaps, that’s why so many people give up and feel shame.

Because we have this notion of mistakes and failure as being something that’s abnormal. We tend to forget who we are when things don’t work out. We must remember that:
Your greatest failures are your biggest blessings.
That’s why I was extremely excited to hear about Akira Armstrong. You see Akira is a curvy goddess in her own right. A phenomenal dancer, she has performed and graced many stages with A-listers such as Jennifer Hudson and the Queen-B diva herself Beyoncé.

However, as a plus size diva, Akira, was faced with the notion that her career might have been over. When she tried to book more dance opportunities, she was turned away and many agents refused to sign her. While to many it may have appeared, her career was over, she embraced her curves. and flaunted those curves all across the stage she created for herself. Now, she is the founder and CEO of her very own plus size dance company. 

Akira is among the awesome curvy women hall of fame. Watch below as Akira Armstrong and her dance troupe surpass stereotypes and break open doors for other curvy dancers. 

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