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Buzzfeed Remakes Playboy's Covers With Sexy Sassy Curvy Bunnies

In case you missed it, Buzzfeed recently recreated a few of Playboy’s covers with 5 diverse plus size women and they looked stunning.

Now we all know Playboy as the eye raising gentlemen’s magazine. However, it’s always been more distinguished for its classier presentation of nudity. In fact, countless celebrities and entertainers have agreed to model in the magazine for that exact reason.

Unfortunately, according to Buzzfeed, Playboy has never really engaged plus size models in their magazine. Unless, you count Ana Nicole. Therefore, by recreating the covers, they are showing us when it comes to sexiness, size doesn’t matter.

I don’t know about you, but for me it was really exciting to see curvaceous women such as myself being represented on such a platform of sexiness. Many of the plus size models commented that they saw modeling in Playboy, during this shoot as empowering. Their transformations were truly, impressive. Check out the video: 

It’s not a matter of we can be sexy too. We’ve always been sexy! To see the full article with Buzzfeed click here.

As always Goddesses, leave your comments below.

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