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4 Types of Guys Every Women Should Avoid

When looking for the man of your dreams, you want someone who will take care of you and treat you like a queen.

Unfortunately, for many women this dream of having a loving, passionate lover has been crushed, swept and thrown to the garbage bin and this is all because they were once in a relationship with a man whom they should have avoided in the first place. 

Many women suffer because of abuse every day in the US. Huffington Post reports, 11,766 American women were murdered by the ex or current male partners.

It may be hard to imagine being in an abusive relationship, especially if you haven’t been in one yet. Protect yourself and avoid becoming a part of this statistics by knowing the types of men to avoid.

1. The control freak

He tells you what to do and gets mad when you don’t follow him. That’s the control freak guy. Don’t mistake his personality for a strong one because a person who loves to control his woman is actually someone who has a low self-esteem and they just love the feeling of having someone they can control at least once in their miserable weakling life. 

Control freak guys will ask you where you are going every time you step out the door, tell you which friends he allows you to hang out with, and follows you around secretly. This kind of man will only make your life miserable and ruin your social life. Beware!

2. The manipulator

If the control freak tries to control how you run your life by telling you what he wants and does not want you to do, the manipulator uses stealth techniques to do so.  Like the control freak guy, the manipulator feels happy controlling you because he lacks self-esteem.

 A manipulator can use a variety of techniques such as blackmails and threats as well as other people to manipulate you.  Avoid this sorry excuse of a man. A partner who does not respect your own individuality only likes you as a puppet and not as a lover.

3. The explosively jealous

A man may be a perfect lover, not manipulative and not a control freak, that is until he gets jealous. Trust is the most important part of a relationship and jealousy is a sign that there is no trust.  It is natural for people to get jealous when they have a reason to.

But when a person is jealous over the most trivial things like when a co-worker smiles at you at the mall, then that person has a rage issue and can become violent. Unfortunately, you can’t change this person because he needs psychiatric help.

4. The sadist

If you think Christian Grey from the book 50 Shades of Gray is an awesome guy, wait till you are in a relationship with a real life sadist.  The book is good as fiction, but in reality, a sadist is a dangerous guy with a certain level of madness. 

You don’t want your body to suffer just to get intimate with someone, but a sadist seems to think so. These people also don’t mind physically hurting you and abusing you. Avoid at all cost unless you don’t love yourself anymore.

Avoid these four types of men for your own sake.
This is not even about preference anymore; it is about being safe and being free as a human being. It’s about being respected and trusted. It’s about avoiding a relationship that won’t let you grow.

And finally, it’s about loving yourself more, so you can also attract success in your relationship.

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